RV concept 1 perspectiva randataRV concept 1 perspectiva interioara randata

Herbalist caravan concept

This minimal habitat is addressed to any herbalist researcher in the amazon rain forest. It is equipped with all the necessary equipment for processing and storing plants with medical potential not yet discovered.  Some of the electronic tools of an herbalist researcher are the dehydrator, grinder, blender, boiler, scale, fridge and a laptop. The kitchen area has common space with the area dedicated for preparing plants found in the amazon rain forest because they are very close to the needed utensils like vessels, funnel, kettle, chipper, knives and measuring cups.

When the caravan arrives at the desired destination, it unfolds to create more interior space. The sleeping zone is common with the living space and the space to eat. The table extends and retracts so that it can reach the desired height for putting the back-rest cushion on top of it. The rest room contains a shower and toilet with a small basin and storage area.